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But that doesn’t mean Hype Machine should stop working—there’s still more new music to find! The playlist will be automatically updated as you find new tracks on Hype Machine, and you can play it on Sonos as well. As more supporters join, we’ll be able to invest in improving our mobile apps and building new features. A: No ads, access to a supporter-only group playlist, stickers at the level, and Hype Machine will keep running and making new stuff. Check out an article discussing this campaign in The Outline, and ask away. We’ve also introduced a way to fund our work directly.With your support, we can continue to build new pathways for music discovery for many more years to come. Update May 20, 2017 We’ve reached our first goal of 1,000 supporters, our first step towards sustainability. A lot of work is ahead, however – to continue developing the service we need at least 3,000 monthly supporters. Update May 22, 2017 Read what our supporters are saying about Hype Machine. Our 10th annual roundup of the year’s best music, with the most-discussed artists and videos of 2016, and every longread we’ve Stacked each week.Discover the most talked-about music from blogs around the world. Every day, thousands of people around the world write about music they love — and it all ends up on Hype Machine.We watch for new posts on over 800 of the most interesting blogs and make it easy to follow this chaotic world.

Each studied website is allocated points for marketing strategies applied, search engine optimization techniques used and text structure and content.We noticed that some of our supporters occasionally had questions before signing up. A: Over the years, we had primarily been funded by banner ads. These one-time payments helped its development at the time, but they can’t support our company in the long term. A: No, we have no financial relationship with Sound Cloud. A: We’ve had to remove offline listening from our i Phone app, and make changes to Sonos functionality at Sound Cloud’s request.I’ve gathered a few that have come up frequently, hopefully these can clarify a few details. Today, ad spending has mostly shifted to a handful of larger sites/social networks. They do host a lot of the music that people are writing about, though, and we have supported their embeddable players since 2008. One way to continue listening offline is to sync your favorites with a premium Sound Cloud or Spotify account and listen to the playlist in those apps. A: All of the subscription revenue goes to pay for servers (20%), salaries and health care for our team (80%). That’s a long time for any service, especially an independent one. To celebrate, we’ve redesigned the site for better navigation and playback, and added a few new features.All this, without ads or monthly fees.——————Hype Machine lets you navigate the vibrant world of blogs in a few ways:• LATEST: Music being discussed right now, constantly updated • POPULAR: Tracks that are getting the most love on Hype Machine • FAVORITES: Your favorite tracks on Hype Machine.• FEED: Customized new posts from your favorite blogs, and friends• FRIENDS: Music your friends are loving right now• BLOG DIRECTORY: Every blog we track at ALBUM PREMIERE: Preview a new album, in full, every week Oh yeah, and the app scrobbles to We’re back with our annual collection of the year’s best music.Just enable it in your Hype Machine settings at been introducing people to breaking new artists and influential music blogs since 2005 (before there were Android phones :Þ), and have been featured in Wired, The Guardian, Washington Post, Billboard, Popular Science, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Business 2.0, G4TV, and more.——————Any questions? Alongside the most-posted artists and videos of the year are two new features: First is a reflection from some of the people who defined the year in emerging music.

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