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A month or so after my eureka event, I went to a BBQ place for a retirement party.I carefully avoided the BBQ sauce and all the green peppers, but within a few hours of arriving home... Turns out I had eaten potato salad...after researching again, I found that it was also a "night shade" plant.In the fall of 2003, I went to the podiatrist with a terrible case of heal spurs (plantar fasciitis). I then researched on the internet and found a blog that said to try not eating tomatoes.With the longest needle I have ever seen, he injected my feet with steroids. It was an "aha moment" because that fall I had started drinking a large glass of tomato juice each morning in an attempt to be heart healthy.It is another soft tissue inflammation disorder that plagues me personally.Please permit me to tell you my ongoing story of learning about foods that contain solanine, otherwise known as nightshades.When I fail to obey the “don’t eat any solanine-containing foods rule” symptoms of arthritis develop in my wrists and hands.A couple of years after that, I started drinking small amounts goji juice every day for its health and anti-cancer aspects.

Next day my wife made a delicious blueberry smoothy for me.

If any of you have stories to share, please email them to: [email protected]

Your privacy will be protected and your findings will be shared in order to help condiment of black or white pepper, paprika, and cayenne.

By that evening, I was in great pain..the end of the day my wife and I were discussing the pain and I asked, "What have I been eating that is different?

" and in Besides the educational aspect of this reader's experiences, it validates what I’ve been teaching for years…that you must take charge of your own health and become a health detective if you are to be successful in finding the cause of your inflammation or health malady…not simply subjecting yourself to symptom-care that often becomes drug-management.

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