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Young-eon (Kim Ok-bin), the top singer at an all-girls school, is murdered by a music sheet cutting her throat in the opening scene.

The next day nobody can see or hear her except her friend Seon-min (Seo Ji-hye) who is able to hear her.

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It turns out that Young-eon had been hearing the voices of her teacher and of the ghost, Hyo-jung (Im Hyeon-kyeong), the whole time, and Young-eon wanted the teacher dead to get rid of Hyo-jung's voice.

This is just one scene from Voice, the fourth film in the Whispering Corridors franchise, where a spooky and disturbing ambiance is accompanied by not only visual terror, but sound, that proves to be as equally fear provoking.

Despite darkness often becoming clichéd and annoying in some horror films to halter the audience from seeing the lead antagonist, here, the tactic is effectively used, the childhood fear of the dark returning to haunt adult audiences and characters alike, the impressive use of effects adding to the terror, making Voice the most visually stunning of this particular horror franchise.

There seems to be another ghost haunting the school, one that the two friends suspect must be Young-eon's murderer.

Later, Young-eon's body is found in on top of the elevator ,when a student accidentally drops a cart, the same elevator that a previous student died in.

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