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Repetitive bursts of speciation and a high level of homoplasy in morphological characters [] have hindered delimitation of inter- and intra-familial relationships within rodents.

Using the topological imbalances and the time line we discuss the potential role of different diversification factors that might have shaped the rodents radiation.

We found that the Myomorpha clade shows a greater degree of variation in diversification rates than Sciuroidea, Caviomorpha, Castorimorpha and Anomaluromorpha.

We identified a number of shifts in diversification rates within the major clades: two in Castorimorpha, three in Ctenohystrica, 6 within the squirrel-related clade and 24 in the Myomorpha clade.

The species-level chronogram is based on the ML topologies from 8 supermatrix trees.

Stratigraphic scale : P : Paleocene, E : Eocene, O : Oligocene, M : Miocene, P : Pliocene, Pl : Pleistocene.

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