Wildest dating moments

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They're my favorites to dance for," says Sarah, who spent a few years working at Sapphire.

"I'm always very respectful and conscious of what the woman wants.

The dancer had an avalanche of bills hanging from her waistband while the gentlemen could barely talk.

"He looked like he had a few too many drinks and was about to pass out," according to Mandy. It was about 3am and the girls were counting their cash.

They were in town for business and had tons of money to spend.

They booked two tables and were handing out cash left and right.

Here, some of the best in the business tell all about some of the strangest things they’ve seen and experienced in many of Las Vegas’ finest strip clubs.

There's no shortage of strip clubs to put a little extra "sin" in Sin City.

"She was supposed to proposition me for a threesome, but was too scared to even talk to me.

Not like it was going to happen anyway." "I love couples.

He came in to see her over and over again," says Emma, who has worked at both Sapphire and Spearmint Rhino. "When guys hit on me outside of work, I actually tell them the truth -- that I'm a stripper, hoping it will discourage them. But sometimes it turns them on, unfortunately." Emma turned down one of those guys at a bar on Fremont St. After I was done, he disappeared without saying a word. "He would tell the cocktail servers and other dancers that he was my boyfriend. Other than the strange stalker, Emma says true horror stories are few and far between. "And one of the other girls let me borrow a pair of hers.

"He actually tried to propose to her in front of the whole club. A few nights later, she was working at Spearmint Rhino and saw the same guy. He was waving dollar bills around and tipping all the performers." When it was Emma's turn to dance, this same guy didn't tip at all. And I didn't see him again that night." But he returned the following night. They barely fit but I didn't have much of a choice.

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