Who is tina turner dating Chat sax 3g

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It's left fiftysomethings - and just about everybody else! Showbiz insiders say it''s simple..point to the two younger men in her life.

The first - her lover, Erwin Bach - made her palms go wet as soon as she saw him... The second, her manager, Roger Davies, is so close to her that she doesn't bat an eyelid stripping to her knickers in front of him.

Both have dedicated their lives to making Tina happy.

"But from the first time I saw him, my palms went wet." She adds: "I went after him.

If I hadn't, our relationship might never have got off the ground.

"The best bit is getting that love, trust and respect back.

It's the difference between being wanted and being a possession." But on the road, it's Roger Davies Tina turns to.

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