Who is skander keynes dating now

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As it happened, they must have all been shot on the way.

As I have navigated my way through the foggy mists separating fact and fancy, I have learnt not to despair when the journey is obscured.

I’m in the process of working out what I shall call the Lebanese Bullshit Coefficient, or LBC for short.

This being my first autumn and winter in Lebanon, I was looking forward to seeing the literally millions of promised migrating birds.

All spam will be deleted and dealt with as stated in the rules. And if possible, I'll try to get the audio up as well (but I have no idea how). It would appear Skandar is NOT coming to Memphis, but he might be doing a satillete thingy, he doesn't know. Here is the transcript for my telephone interview with Skandar Keynes. Urm sometimes blue, yeah sometimes blue, yeah mainly blue! Why were you wearing that purple glove at the Tokyo press conference? Yeah that conference was the most nerve racking thing Ive ever done. Have you ever met a fangirl and had a personal conversation with her? The last time I spoke to some was like these 3 girls around London. So I bought another pair and then Ive got the red pair and then Ive got these Converse trainers which are kinda like fake Converse and at the moment theyre replacing my normal games kit cos I lost my actual trainers. We'll have to see how he does in PC and VDT I think before thinking of him doing bigger roles.

Fansite links may be posted but no comments on the fansite. As far as we know Skandar is currently ONLY focusing on Prince Caspian at the moment and is doing NO other films. That's the only news I have on upcoming TV appearances and apparently it's happening sometime next week. they R going 2 interview them on Good Morning Memphis Alright the interview is over and done (you lot and your random questions! (you can also access it via the main page of this site here ( What is the significance of the necklace you always wear? Tilda Swinton gave me that in New Zealand and its a greenstone and its got like engravings on it which means strength and overcoming lifes difficulties and challenges. Urm Queen, Outkast, lots of soundtracks, I really love soundtracks oh and Red Hot Chilli Peppers 3. IF you stand in front of 7,000 people its not as bad as that one because there were so many people flashing their cameras and I was like Ahh crap! They come and talk to me and Im always like Ahh and they come over to me and theyre like really cool. What did you have written on your hand at the Empire Awards on last Monday? Urm theyre notes, saying I have Mufti Day and doodling. He did well with LWW, but still, I want to see how he's grown up in maturity with all the behind the scenes stuff.

I prefer siblings.sister.when youre like adults and theres like someone to have other than just being by yourself. Please remember that discussion about the cuteness of Skandar, how in love with him you are, and how lucky anna is for acting with him are all topics for the Skandarnite thread. Personal Life~Skandarnite thread Professional Life~This Thread Please follow these rules. Of what little I saw of Skandar in Prince Caspian, I can tell that his acting has improved.

Do you think Blue M&Ms taste better than the others? Ice/IMG_1565Ah its been such a long time since i last visited and i thought i say hello, Can any of the old hands such as Rogur and chloe etc... You click it, and since there are only like 5 threads in there, you should see the Skandarnite thread. If you watch the commentary from the kids, you'll see that the reason that it was so convincing was because she actually hurt him when she did the stabbing part. She didn't stab him as it looks like it's meant to, but she hit his gut with that thing and it hurt.

So its like Nick Cheese and Gordan Cheese and everyone 12. I had an EDMUND My Lil Pony made in Skandar's honor, with dark mane and everything, and a little painting on his body of the Turkish Delight dish. Skandar Keynes is a great actor and should be in more films. The only reason why I know my way around is because I've been here a while. If you enter the forum "Cast and Crew Discussions" and right above where the normal thread are, you will see a section that says "Fan Club Section" or something like that name.

He also goes for horse riding in his free time to get a workout.

This thread is for official discussion of Skandar Keynes. If he wants to do other stuff, he will need to do it in between the Narnia films for a good bit.

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