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So for him to walk in and kiss someone is laughable.'But she still insisted that 'I don't even think there are words to describe the rage' she had for Katie Maloney spreading the story in revenge for Scheana telling Lala Kent that she had been gossiping about her and her alleged 'sugar daddy'.'I don't think there's a word worse than c*** to describe her,' Scheana insisted of Katie.Scheana earlier invited Tom Sandoval and girlfriend Ariana Madix over for dinner cooked by private chefs at Rob's 'huge house in Beverly Hills' to show off their love.The cheating scandals on Vanderpump Rules kept spreading on Monday's episode of the Bravo show.Season six of the series started with Jax Taylor confessing to cheating on girlfriend Brittany Cartwright and episode five ended with her hearing a recording of him criticizing her to his mistress.3, 2016) that the state has set to make final funeral arrangements for her son.A Saginaw funeral home is offering a low income special price of ,500. Breaking News tonight from her home in Saginaw, Michigan where family has gathered to try to make sense of the unexpected death and now feels it is being rushed into funeral arrangements by state officials.While Scheana refused to believe the cheating story, Kristen Doute said: 'My gut, and I hope I'm wrong, is he's gonna f***ing break her heart.'The friends all seemed shocked that Brittany seemed to have forgiven Jax for cheating on her, especially when they told everyone they were hosting a housewarming party.'Brittany should be looking for a new apartment, not warming this one,' Stassi Schroeder told Lisa, who agreed.But Brittany told some of the girls: 'My heart is wanting to believe that he can be a better person even though my brain is telling me he can't.

However, prison officials are treating the mom colder than a winter’s gale on Lake Superior – refusing to answer even the smallest questions under the guise of the ongoing investigation by Michigan State Police detectives. Freedom of Information Act requests for audio recordings, prisoner and Corrections officer statements – are going to be sent by U. Breaking News and other members of the media.“I want to know when they called 911 and for what reason – and they won’t even tell me that,” said Serena Daniels, Siminksi’s mother, who says her son was due to be released soon and loved life – something he made apparent in the letter.“Who was giving orders about the drugs they were giving my son after he was found unconscious in his cell,” said the distraught mother who is upset that the Michigan department of Corrections told her she would have to filed mountains of paperwork t5o learn more about her son’s death.

Siminski’s family have set up a gofundme page to raise money for his burial – and they are desperate because of a looming state deadline to burn his body.“I talked to him every day and he sounded fine,” Daniels said, adding the entire event is made even more painful because her daughter Katrina – the inmate’s sister – is suffering from a terminal kidney disease.

“And now he is dead.”The inmate’s mother is literally begging state officials to extend tomorrow’s deadline (Thurs., Nov.

She said prison officials knew he had suffered side effects of the medicine but did not take him for testing. Breaking News is standing by our report that appears to show – at the very best – improper medical care, not following protocols and likely there was some type of breach in security if drugs are found in his system. Breaking News knows that somewhere an audio tapes exists of the “excited utterances” of a prison employee who blindsided a doctor over the radio more about 45 to 50 minutes after the victim was found – and those transmissions had better not be destroyed. – sight unseen and with little knowledge about the dead prisoner.

Daniels said there is no way her son would save up the pills in a suicide plot. Officials at Michigan’s toughest prison did not call for an ambulance when they found the young inmate in cardiac arrest in his cell – and a doctor was asked to declare the prisoner dead without seeing the inmate some 45 to 50 minutes after he was found. (Saginaw, MI) – A grieving mother is begging state of Michigan officials to give her more time to raise money and make final arrangements for her son’s body – and she fears there is a rush to whitewash the death of her son at the Marquette Branch Prison.30-year-old inmate Derrik Siminski of Saginaw was found in apparent cardiac arrest about 5 p.m. 1, 2016, in the highest level of security at the state’s toughest prison on the shores of Lake Superior.

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