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She can even handle the ultra-surrealism of Holy Motors, so top marks for that.Sexiest Role: She breaks hearts in With her classically sculpted features, Cate Blanchett sometimes seems like a Golden Age Hollywood star more than an actress of today.

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Sexiest Role: She makes for a plucky Irene Adler in the Sherlock Holmes films but we find her sexiest as Della Frye in State Of Play. Watch After first hitting the public's awareness in Labyrinth – where she charmed not only a horde of Muppet types but also bewitched David Bowie – Jennifer Connelly has grown into the sort of measured, Oscar-scoring actress who works as consistently as she likes.

There's a reason cartoon characters were based on her and so many fell for her: she was impossibly gorgeous and often hilarious.

Sexiest Role: A tough choice between Sugar, but Hot takes it for that entrance, one of the most memorable in cinema history. Stroke of Charm: It wasn't all vulnerable sexiness or power. Stream Few actresses get the impactful start that Cameron Diaz enjoyed thanks to her flirty-yet-sweet appearance in The Mask.

With raven hair and onyx eyes that see straight through you, she's always the focus of attention on screen, even in small roles. Eva Mendes has a lot to like about her, and has slowly made her way up the acting ranks to jobs that let her work with her beauty and sometimes play against it.

Sexiest Role: She's cheeky and fun in The dark eyes, like deep pools. She's proved she can handle comedy, but seems at her best when she's tackling something dramatic, as in Training Day.

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