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Janecka, an ex-convict , former high school baseball star and choirboy from Weimer, answered the call.Dow Zabolio was also set to be murdered, but was in Austria at the time.

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Waldhauser received a 30-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to the Wanstrath slayings. After confessing at the last moment, a man who had been accused of having his mother and three other relatives killed to obtain the family fortune was executed by injection Tuesday in Texas. In Huntsville, Tex., Markham Duff-Smith, 46, cleared his conscience just before he was executed.

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Chris Wanstrath is the CEO and a co-founder of Git Hub, the largest software code hosting site in the world.

He pursued the case for another year before discovering the threads that led to the intricate web that snared Waldhauser, then Janecka and Mac Donald and finally Duff-Smith,(Kathy Fair, Houston Chronicle, June 29, 1993).

On June 18, 1993, a judge ordered a warrant to bring Duff-Smith to Houston for a conference that could delay his scheduled execution.

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