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I was one of the first few people in line, so I was able to get myself two plates of crawfish.

But by the time I was back in line for a second serving, these shameless people had already taken all of the 50 boxes of crawfish Ikea had for the event.

A lot of people ended up not getting any crawfish that day. Ikea did offer to let us in to the regular food line and get whatever food we wanted.

That was alright, but a swedish meatball just does not compare to a crawfish.

And they make sure that the Vietnamese bride is from a respectable family.

The company contacts directly with the local “support mother” in Vietnam.

Anyways, my point is, I find it distasteful for my people to be so rude and classless.

Just because its an all you can eat, does not mean you have to stand there and load up your cart like you are back in Vietnam.

Most wound up in Chinatowns—areas of large cities which the police largely ignored.I would understand it more if it was a bunch of old Vietnamese people doing this, because people like my parents lived through starvation and war, but these young Vietnamese people should know better.I love my crawfish and all, but you’ll never see me piling a cart full of crawfish while others are waiting in line behind me. The 1870s to the 1920s saw partisan debates over curtailing Chinese and Japanese immigration; "Yellow Peril" diatribes battled strong, missionary-based defenses of the immigrants.Studies written from the 1920s to the 1960s were dominated by social scientists, who focused on issues of assimilation and social organization, as well as the World War II internment camps.

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