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She's never looked better, and fairly sizzles on screen.

But make no mistake, this is no `window-dressing' part, and Diaz delivers a complete package with this character.

However, her facial expression remains completely unchanged and the chuckling was clearly dubbed in.

See more » How strange the human mind is; this center of activity wherein perceptions of reality are formed and stored, and in which one's view of the world hinges on the finely tuned functioning of the brain, this most delicate and intricate processor of all things sensory.

As to the performances here, those who can't get past the mind-set of Tom Cruise as Maverick in `Top Gun,' or his Ethan Hunt in `Mission Impossible,' or those who perceive him only as a `movie star' rather than an actor, are going to have to think again in light of his work here.

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There's an alluring innocence she brings to this role that works well for her character and makes her forthcoming and accessible, yet she lacks any hint of mystery that may have added that special `something extra' to the part.His fifty-one percent controlling interest, however, has made him something of a marked man, as there are seven members of his board of directors, and each deems himself more worthy than the young Mr. And fueling the fires of discontent is their perception that David lacks the focus the job requires.Admittedly, David likes to play; still, he's in control of the business and does what he sees fit, whether the board (he refers to them as the `Seven Dwarfs') likes it or not, and no one has ever had the courage to challenge him directly.And all played out on a landscape of virtual reality swirling beneath that ever expanding vanilla sky.Simply put, this one's a real trip; it's exciting-- and it's a mind bender.

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