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Martell (2013) is a free general purpose slab serif family. On his web page, we find various poster lettering typefaces such as Pupitre Type (2013). All these typefaces are free at Dafont and/or Fontspace. In 2010, he did the free brush typeface Fronte del Porto, which is based on the Elia Kazan movie with Marlon Brando entitled On The Waterfront.AC Big Serif (2013) is a free rounded wedge serif typeface. In 2014, he created the fantastic black brush poster font AD Bulky Note, the angular poster typeface AD Polaquita, Roberto Underground, Pasquin, and the fun (free) poster typeface AD Sura (a tribute to Czech graphic artist Jaroslav Sura). There is also a commercial side of Alphabet&Type: In 2010, they published the angular family Antares, the bold organic typeface Minardi ( Collage), and the curly family Vannucci Antico.An American in Paris (2010, or: Un Americano AParigi) is based on the font used in the movie by Vincente Minnelly, with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron.Cleopatra (2011) is a chisel font with a Greek look, based on Cleopatra, the movie by Joseph L. Il Grinta (2011) is the wedge serif titling font of True Grit, Henry Hathaway's movie starring John Wayne.In 2014, at Font Struct, he created the Devanagari typefaces Ananda Thopla (dot matrix) and Ananada Devanagari Round. Jedi Serpent evolved into 510 ink and then Krayon Ink. In 2010, Bernd Volmer and Ateleir Carvalho Bernau published the free typeface Jean-Luc, which is named after Jean-Luc Godard.In 2015, he published the free monoline Devanagari font Ananda Ukaliorali, the Sanskrit-inspired Latin typeface Ananda Neptouch Caps and the Devanagari font Ananda Chautari. Carvalho / Bernau write: We didn't find out who originally made the lettering for these two movies.Metropolis (2010) is an angular typeface based on the titling of Fritz Lang's movie Capolavoro.

In 2013, he made the free modular Latin typeface Bauchaomaicha (Font Struct) and the Indic simulation typeface Pasarocks. My Fonts sells some of his fonts: 5 AM Buttercup (Andrew Galarza), Grey (Andrew Galarza), 5 AM Gender (Andrew Galarza), 5 AM Chance No 01 (Andrew Galarza), 5 AM Andrew (Andrew Galarza), 5 AM Transit (Andrew Galarza), 5 AM Summer (Andrew Galarza), Melfina (Andrew Galarza), Childrens Television Workshop (Andrew Galarza), Vespers (Andrew Galarza). In my view, it is the best of the twelve typefaces of the graduation class.Typefaces from 2016: Ananda Devanagari (free), Ananda Fanko (a free brush Devanagari typeface specially made for the Nepali movie Fanko). Some speculate it could have been Godard himself---Godard's interest in graphic design and typography is clear, with many of his other films employing such strong typography-only titles and intertitles.They are almost a self-sufficient entity, another character in the movie, another comment.We think this style of lettering was absorbed into the public domain vernacular of French lettering, and that the 2 ou 3 choses titles are derived from these quotidien lettering style, as it would seem to fit Godard's obsession with vernacular typography. In 2015, Perrine Winkler and Bernie Diril codesigned Brigitte, Karina and Pierrot, three typefaces based on the credits of Jean-Luc Godard's movies.The fonts are named after Brigitte Bardot, Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo (Pierrot Le Fou). 1990, who created the bare bones free sans typeface Nikoleta (2016), which is based on Bebas Neue. [ Fonts related to Björk or her albums include Björk (1998, Startrek style), Björk Handwriting (1997, made by Sandro Cerri), Rotis Semi Sans (1990), Pagan Poetry (2001, Paul Barnes under exclusive license to Show Studio).

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