Validating xhtml code auksaplaukes istorija online dating

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Dreamweaver helps you create standards-compliant web pages with its in-built support for the W3C validator.The W3C validator validates your HTML and XML documents for conformance to HTML, XHTML, or XML standards.

The result was that Google picked up the page that had valid HTML and valid CSS and indexed this page over the rest.A valid site is more likely to be accessible to all types of browsers, platforms and screen readers.If feels good when you run a validation check on your site and you see the green bar appear :) This always catches me out.You can check to make sure the tags, parentheses (( )), braces (), and square brackets ([ ]) in your page are balanced.Balanced means that every opening tag, parenthesis, brace, or bracket has a corresponding closing one, and vice versa.

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