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She is accused of having extremist audio and video files on her tablet, as well as logs of chats with someone called Mukhammadshokh. That individual invited Khafiza to come to Syria and marry him after a month of online chats, Khafiza told authorities.

The four countries' authorities made nine arrests, according to early reports.Authorities analysed those messages and found them to be extremist appeals to overthrow the Uzbekistani government.Khafiza followed instructions that were meant to conceal her identity and the identity of the postings' creators, according to the SNB.Moreover, analysts of the Syrian situation do not rule out the possibility of ISIL members fleeing to Afghanistan from Syria, where their situation is deteriorating.Every militant attempt to date to invade Central Asia has met with resounding failure, and all the Central Asian countries are capable of thrashing any militant invading force, Yuldasheva said. Authorities are on the look-out for a real threat of trouble from terrorist recruiters and small terrorist cells inside Uzbekistan, even though the country has not suffered a terrorist attack since 2004.

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