Updating website in dreamweaver

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Here is a quick overview of each of them: This is the most common editing interface in Business Catalyst.

You can use it to visually edit pages, templates, products, webapp items, pretty much everything in Business Catalyst.

Creating a link to a named anchor is a two-step process.

Easily add interactivity, including slide shows, forms, and more. This is a great tool for novice users who are not used to HTML code or layouts to make quick content edits in Business Catalyst.

It basically requires you to create (using the WYSIWYG editor, the Develop tab or Dreamweaver) pre-defined editable regions on your pages.

If you create a document-relative path before saving the file, Dreamweaver temporarily uses an absolute path beginning with file:// until the file is saved; when you save the file, Dreamweaver converts the file:// path to a relative path.

Determines the text of a message and displays it in the status bar at the lower left of the browser window.

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