Updating sansa firmware

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Probably one of the most frustrating things about owning a digital music library is when you can't seem to get your computer to sync songs to your MP3 player.And, to make matters even more complicated there can be a combination of reasons why your portable isn't being recognized.If this is the case then check for a possible driver on the manufacturer's website.It's also a good idea to see if there is a firmware update too which might fix this problem.Generally, if you purchase an MP3 online or if you rip one of your personal CDs, the metadata will be filled in for the file.You can input metadata on your own by doing the following: Most other problems with the San Disk Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player can be resolved by updating the device's firmware.If the version of Windows installed on your computer isn't recognizing your PMP, or indeed any other USB gadget for that matter, then it could be as simple as a corrupt (or missing) device driver.If this is the case then it can usually be resolved by simply re-installing / updating the driver.

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If you have just had a new MP3 player and it isn't recognized then one of the first things to check is that it's actually compatible with the version of Windows installed on your computer.

Wait a few seconds and then reboot your device, which should operate without locking up, at least for a while.

The MP3 player does play podcasts, but the podcasts you load to the device have to be in one of the supported audio formats listed in the Selected Song Doesn't Play section.

If your San Disk Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player battery became completely drained while the device was frozen or locked up, the device likely won't power on when you connect it to a computer and you'll need to put the device in mass storage class (MSC) mode while connecting it to the computer for the computer to recognize it.

The only difference between MSC mode and the standard mode your MP3 player operates in is that when you connect your computer when it's in standard mode, it displays under Portable Devices in Windows Explorer; when you connect your device to your computer in MSC mode, it's displayed under Devices with Removable Storage.

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