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The following sections assume your system was registered with Red Hat Subscription Management during installation as described in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Installation Guide.

If your system is not subscribed, see Chapter 6, Yum provides secure package management by enabling GPG (Gnu Privacy Guard; also known as Gnu PG) signature verification on GPG-signed packages to be turned on for all package repositories (i.e. When signature verification is enabled, Yum will refuse to install any packages not GPG-signed with the correct key for that repository.

After this upgrade procedure, should you call into Red Hat for support, Red Hat will support the resulting system as if it were a clean installation only.

Any issues not related to the upgrade will be supported.

Does anybody know where the packages can be downloaded from?

As per document link, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Installation Guide, Chapter 37.[1] Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power, big endian [2] Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM z Systems [3] Red Hat Satellite 6 Documentation will provide information and required tooling for migrating a Satellite environment from RHEL 6 to RHEL 7, but the in-place upgrade tool is not a supported method for this procedure.Refer to point 6.1 in the Satellite 6 Install Guide.for viewing, managing, updating, installing and uninstalling packages compatible with your system.Package Kit consists of several graphical interfaces that can be opened from the GNOME panel menu, or from the Notification Area when Package Kit alerts you that updates are available.

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