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Uganda, which is often referred as Pearl of Africa is a small landlocked country in East Africa with a big welcoming heart.It is a country that boasts captivating natural beauty, rich mosaic of tribes and their equally rich cultural diversity, fabulous wildlife and the friendliest people who waits to be discovered by you.Situated at the geographical heart of African continent, the country is cultural melting pot with the existence of more than 30 different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups.So Fly to Uganda and enjoy a visit to the country where diverse cultural mosaic of music, art, dance and handicrafts offers you a rich legacy of people belong to this fascinating country of East Africa.After all, we do not have a good track record of offering refuge to those fleeing violence and persecution based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.Not only have we frequently refused to believe asylum seekers when they say they are gay, but we have also sent them packing on the basis they will be safe in their country of origin if they just "conducted themselves in a discreet manner".I love to have international pen-pals but pen-pals in the United States are great too!I love to learn about other countries and cultures.

Australia could also take practical steps to protect Ugandan gays by prioritising asylum seeker applications from members of this vulnerable group. Many will recall that in 1999, then prime minister John Howard provided temporary refuge for nearly 4000 Kosovo refugees.Since 2009, Uganda has been threatening to pass legislation further criminalising homosexuality and imposing even harsher penalties.The threat has finally become a reality with President Yoweri Museveni announcing, on Valentine's Day, that he is now ready to sign the Bill into law, after initially expressing some reservations about it.And now we are sending gay asylum seekers fleeing persecution in their own country, to PNG, where homosexuality can be punished by imprisonment for up to 14 years.Although there is no shortage of human rights violations in Australia that need addressing, we also need to be a good international citizen, which means speaking up and taking action when grave human rights violations occur in other parts of the world.

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