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If you look at the action in question, he snatched the handphone away from that woman who was filming the argument between her friends and Yamashita's group. I just cannot fathom how this is criminal damage of property as the handphone wasn't even damaged.No doubt I am not trained in law, I think it has to do with the fact that Yamashita's side reached a settlement with the other party thus allowing the charge to be "downgraded".The movie's Halloween costume event which Yamashita and Johnny's WEST member Kotaki Nozomu were supposed to appear at, was also cancelled.However, as the controversy is still hot in the press, a fresh scandal involving Yamashita has emerged.

Back in the summer when news of this case first broke in the tabloids, we already knew that there were three celebrities involved i.e. In fact, Akanishi was fingered as the reason why the argument took place between both parties and Yamashita and Nishikido were more of like "onlookers" according to initial reports.

Besides, if a settlement is reached, chances are, the prosecutors would not go ahead with pressing charges.

Which is effectively what many reports these two days are saying, "Yamashita is pretty much off the hook for this case".

Shukan Bunshun also probably timed the release of this story in one way or another to have the maximum impact now.

Which brings me to another unrelated question though, if Bunshun was so eager to share the news about Yamapi in a week's time (they caught him on 15th Oct and published the story on 23rd Oct), why did FRIDAY sit on the Takenouchi scoop for one year???

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