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The level of discomfort is directly proportional to the intensity of hostility and resistance expressed towards the restructuring project as a whole.

Restructuring is such an ambitious and challenging undertaking, that it is impossible to examine all aspects of it in the context of this column.

But these employees have been conditioned to a completely different set of values and practices.

It questions the degree of transparency of the financial management of the organization.

Additionally, any change effected by an organization must include a carefully developed plan for enabling the human element of that organization to understand, be willing and able to implement the changes required.

Otherwise the cost of the modernization will deliver no return on investment for the organization and may in fact, add additional costs to the initial investment.

When these questions are directed at management, who also happen to be the owners, things can become uncomfortable.

When departmental operations are minutely scrutinized, many individuals can feel personally threatened.

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