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But no one took the time to think of the right and safe way to open the web to the public.

We still have yet to discover the damage that has been done.

One United States company monitored for selling access to child pornography sites at .95 each, grossed .5 million in just The recent White House Internet Summit reported that 42% of parents supervise their children’s Internet usage A LITTLE, and 52% provided NO SUPERVISION at all and ONLY 6% have given guidelines for prevention.

The chemicals in the brain: dopamine, serotonin, and adrenalin are powerful neurotransmitters that make us feel good. These days we live in an age of entitlement where we are taught by society that we should have these good feelings.

Some are more vulnerable to addictions than others.

At the root of many sexual compulsions or addictions is an Intimacy Disorder where the individual does not have the skills, time, energy, or spouse that allows him or her to develop true intimacy – emotionally, spiritually, or sexually.

Just like with any addiction once the good feeling comes and goes the person looks for it again and again.4.

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