Tantric online dating sites

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I dated someone who practiced Tantra, and as that was the part that I couldn't come to terms with, it never went anywhere. I have gained a lot from what he had to say and I agree with most of it.I received the White Tara blessing from Kyabje Gehlek Rinpoche a few years ago. He was a self-proclaimed tantric master and he talked about man and woman having forgotten how to make love.

Certainly the pathway can be just as exciting..do you think?

Thank you, I will check out Tantric..to know there's a different word.splendere Thank you And I incorporate all senses, yes.

I know that there are meditations, different positions and so on..and breathing techniques.

I'm not the same person I was five years ago and I very much like the changes :-)It is about a connection that is your senses and inner mind trying to be the same as your partners while without trying to achieve a "Goal". It is more spiritual that leads to sensual that leads to sexual. It goes into more detail, yet this begins to enter into another relam of seeing and being, that goes beyond learning techniques and current identities. Not all of my partners have understood that nor wanted to pursue it. It was the closest I have ever been to true intimacy. I follow a tantric Buddhist practice but we never describe it as such, always using the sanskrit word vajrayana instead.

I find for myself it has only worked with someone who i really care about in a serious relationship. The biggest 'complaint from them was "Wasn't I attracted to them enough? " The ones that participated and understood never complained. Some years ago I had to read Lama Yeshe's Introduction To Tantra as part of my spiritual progress.

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