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Amanda is captured by a villain named "Dollhouse" (Tyler Poelle) who turns people into "living dolls".

Mike and Owen find a secret lair under Mike's bed and have to become ninjas.Amanda seems upset after hearing Mike saying it was just business, but Mike didn't mean that he just said that because he didn't want Amanda to know that he liked it and he felt it was right because he thought Amanda's kiss was just business.Co-star: Damon Christopher as Security Guard The ninjas are surprised to find that a motorcycle gang member named Two Ton Harley (Big Show) has escaped from his prison cell with the hopes of being sent to another prison to reunite with his old gang. Bravo as Hog, Brandon Molale as Actor WWE Superstar Big Show guest stars The ninjas take on a chess prodigy villain named Checkmate (Rick D.The ninjas have to face a villain named The Rhymer (Christopher Reid). Owen and Mike have to fight against him to rescue Amanda.At the end of the episode, Amanda joins them as being ninjas after she was saved.

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