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Compared with all the plain green ones, this one looked very smart.

I doubt that few passengers ever noticed the difference, but I did!

No doubt wheel trims were seen as a superfluous irrelevance.

The Country Bus and Coach department, which was handed over to the National Bus Company, had no obligation to follow the same path.

In the 10th June 1969 House of Lords debate on the proposed Transport London Bill, it was dismissively stated that “London Transport management is very weak”, this from a Tory politician whose career had been mostly in agriculture.

As far as I know, they were never fitted to the later “off the peg” designs operated in London.

A quick look through my own slides and negatives reveals no RF/RT/RM family example without the trims, but, on the internet, I have spotted one picture of an RT lacking these fittings whilst still in LT service.

The trims were a tight fit around the wheel rim so if the spring failed the disk would initially stay in place by centrifugal force.

A change in speed or an uneven road surface would, eventually, dislodge the trim but with LT’s vehicles engines governed to low speeds and, even in the country areas, slow traffic, I just wonder what speeds could be attained to have the trim fly off so as to cause injury.

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