South african online sex chat

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While South Africa’s population is quite young, their unique needs as consumers are often overlooked.Our goal was to research the daily behaviors, motivations and group dynamics of South Africa’s urban youth in an effort to uncover key design opportunities.We discovered most of the teens used their phones for socializing: messaging friends, visiting chat rooms, listening to and discussing music, and viewing, taking and sharing photos with each other.Yet, few of the existing platforms allowed feature phones to do many of these activities easily or affordably, due to their limited memory and processing power.This way, teens could listen to music while chatting with their friends, exchanging photos and just being teenagers.On the verge of adulthood, the youths in our research were in a period of transition in their lives, grappling with new situations and encountering complex topics like love, sex, and identity.Yet, their desire to speak with their friends and listen to music often resulted in risky behaviors of concealment, like trying to use their phones while hiding them inside a backpack.Artefact recommended that the Microsoft platform allowed for an ‘out of sight’ usage experience.

Artefact’s and Microsoft’s partnership set the foundation for defining the platform’s user experience, and also prioritized an often-overlooked segment of the mobile user population in South Africa.

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For weeks, we immersed ourselves in several teenagers’ lives.

From observing everyday life in their townships to interactions with each other and their families, we developed an understanding of the role of their phones in their lives.

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