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Anza-Borrego Desert SP Fages/De Anza Trail Colonel Pedro Fages crossed the Colorado Desert in 1772, ultimately reaching the San Joaquin Valley and Mission San Luis Obispo.

Cuyamaca Rancho SP Cuyamaco Rancho Lands Explorer Fages passed through this area in 1782, on his way to San Gabriel Mission.

Carnegie SVRA Corral Hollow; El Arroyo de Los Buenos Aires"El Arroyo de Los Buenos Aires" (now Corral Hollow) was traversed by an old Spanish trail, "El Camino Veijo," which was used by the Anza expedition in 1776.

Later in the Mexican Republic era, it was used by vaqueros driving cattle.

Carpenteria SB Tarpit This may have been a source of tar for "brea" roofs of early adobes.

Friar Crespi, with the Portola Expedition, named it San Roque, but noted that the soldiers called it "Carpenteria" because Indians seen building a wooden canoe used the tar to caulk it.

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