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They may eventually engage in more substantive activity - actual propagandizing, financial support, or joining a terrorist network.'In 2013 alone, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, says it has carried out nearly 10,000 operations in Iraq, 1,000 assassinations, planted 4,000 improvised explosion devices and freed hundreds of radical prisoners.Details of the report emerged as new information about the way ISIS is funded and attracts recruits came to light, with reports suggesting widespread support in South East Asia, particularly Indonesia - the country with the world’s biggest Muslim population.Travel light, bring a smart phone, but leave religious books at home to avoid suspicion at the airport they instruct.Already 7,500 foreigners are believed to be fighting in Syria and Iraq.But of course, you can use any chat program you want.

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UK brothers in arms: Abu Abdullah Al Brittani (left) is thought to have flown from London to Antalya in Turkey before slipping into Syria.

He is in near-constant contact with the likes of Abu Hussain Al Britani (right) - another British militant believed to be somewhere within the ISIS-held regions of Syria and Iraq Young British jihadists such as Abu Hussain Al Britani (above) use social media to promote their message and boast of their brutal activities in the hope of encouraging others to travel to Iraq and Syria just as militants hope to lure Americans and foreigners of all nationalities In messages that read like tips from music festival goers to fellow fans or student travellers to peers following in their footsteps, the militants urge others to join them.

A video posted on You Tube in February shows him speaking in heavily accented English.

Though it is not certain from where Abu Muhammad al Amriki originates, he claims to have lived in the States for 10 or 11 years before travelling to Syria and to have fought for the Al Nusrah Front, once affiliated with Al Qaeda, before becoming a jihadist for ISIS.

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