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Meanwhile, Bart's and Milhouse's friendship is strained when Mihouse's mother considers Bart to be a bad influence and orders Milhouse to stay away from him.

Krusty the Clown has dinner with the Simpsons, and reveals that he is Jewish, his real name is Herschel Krustofsky, and he is estranged from his rabbi father.

When Martin is hurt, he asks Bart to fill in as driver so that at least one of them can beat Nelson Muntz in the race.

Homer tells Moe the story of how he created a drink by combining several liquids (including cough syrup) and setting it on fire, which he called the "Flaming Homer." Moe serves the drink in his bar and quickly renames it the "Flaming Moe," insisting that he is the inventor rather than Homer. Burns sells the nuclear power plant to two German businessmen. Marge is concerned that she may be pregnant again when a home pregnancy test gives inconclusive results. Hibbert, Homer tells the kids the story of Homer's and Marge's wedding, Bart's birth, and Homer's applying for a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Lisa wins the local competition of an essay contest, earning the family a trip to Washington, D. Disgusted, she changes her previous uplifting essay into a cynical one denouncing corruption in government in general and Bob Arnold in particular.

They ignore her warning, and each of the three has a nightmare.

Homer thinks it's a stupid idea and secretly wishes for the store to fail and Ned to be humiliated.

Homer's wish comes true when business is very slow, and Ned is facing financial ruin and the loss of his house.

Jackson also wrote the song "Happy Birthday, Lisa." After the episode was produced, the show instituted a policy that celebrities wishing to guest-star on the show had to be willing to be credited under their real names rather than using pseudonyms.

Season 3 is one of only two seasons to date with no Christmas break, "I Married Marge" aired on December 26, 1991, meaning that the season continued airing over Christmas.

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