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Human waste Unfortunately, in moments of reckless abandon, they forgot themselves and began rolling on the ground as they enjoyed the ‘gland-to-gland’ combat, only to discover that they were soiling themselves with human waste as they passionately rolled on the ground.

“Immediately we got to our venue, we did not want to waste time. “But considering it was dark, and we had not surveyed the ground very well, we realised that we were rolling in human poop!

In yet another nutty incident, Robert, who used to be a goatherd many years back, took a woman to a bush for a romp only for their amorous congress to be abruptly disbanded by red ants that attacked them, causing his date to bolt from the bush at maximum speed.

“As soon as we began making love, we unknowingly rolled over an anthill filled with red ants, prompting them to attack us.

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It doesn’t matter if that’s where adrenaline is or if it even technically has a smell. Villagers are always assumed to be virtuous and, unlike in urban places, levels of tolerance for vices such as immorality are extremely low.However, this is not to say that villagers are angels. Say, “Smell my adrenaline.” Lift your arm up, angle your armpit into her face, and let her take a whiff. You don’t need to be afraid, unless you are afraid, in which case, that’s fine.

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