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Thankfully, such days are well and truly behind us.Today, you can purchase a decent quality telescope for a very light financial outlay.Only time spent at the telescope can ultimately sway you in one direction or another, and I would encourage as much experimentation as possible in this regard.To get the very best images out of this telescope, the user must ensure that the optics are accurately aligned.For example, a 2x Barlow will enable the two eyepieces supplied to give additional powers of 56x and 140x.For this particular study, I employed 2.25x and 3x Barlows, providing high powers of 158x and 210x, respectively, when coupled to the 10mm eyepiece supplied with the telescope.

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The significance of this number will become important as I elaborate on the optical quality of the telescope in due course.The lightweight but strong aluminium tripod can be collapsed or extended for seated for viewing or by standing.I decided to use the instrument without its accessory tray so as to maximise the stablity of the tripod.Fortunately, it’s a simple calculation; just divide the focal length of the telescope by the focal length of the eyepiece.So the 25mm ocular produces an enlargement of 700/ 25 = 28x and the 10mm eyepiece provides a power of 700/10 = 70x.

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