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Instead they require posters to avoid what they call "simple posts".

they claim this is done for quality checks, as if they have any qualifications to judge quality is.

Not all communities on the app have them available, but this introduces a new avenue of danger.

If you trust your child to listen, I simply advise that you ask them not to use these features without you nearby.

), Everything bad about social medias can be found on metal amino & it's much more than on facebook,twitter etc. There are some communities that children shouldn't be in, but I think it should be fine as long as you monitor what communities your kids are in from time to time.

I've heard stories of children being afraid to tell their parents about what they're dealing with because they don't want to get in trouble.

// One final warning- at the time of this writing, Amino Apps has recently introduced voice and video chat features.

Since finding these convos I have deleted the app off of my sons phone and he now has limited access to his phone.

It's sad that I have to monitor my 10yr olds phone on a nightly basis because of apps like this one!!

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