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Sanchez Lopez and others strataridaki2009 : The history of the Fundana spring aqueduct and its significance for the water supply of Heraklion city (Crete) through the ages (in: 2nd IWA Symposion (2009) pag ) - A.Strataridaki and others timberlake2004 : Early leats and hushing remains, suggestions and disputes of Roman mining and prospection for lead (in: Mining History, the bulletin of the Peak District Mines Historical Society vol 15 nrs 4/5 (2004) pag 64ff) S.Carboni vitasovic2006 : Opskrba vodom i rimski vodovod na brdu Gradina na otoku veliki brijun (The water-supply system and Roman aqueduct situated on the small hill of Gradina on the island of Veliki Brijun) (in: Histria Archaeologica vol 37 (2006) pag 47 - 84) - A.Saloway sanchez1994 : Datos para el estudio de los acueductos romanos de Tarragona (in: Quaderns d'historia Tarraconense vol 13 (1994) pag 105 - 136) - J.On average more than 6,000 people join u Date every day making it the fastest growing romance, matchmaking and dating site on the net.

Vitasovic wech2011 : Une vie d'aqueduc, modifications de trace, ameliorations techniques et reparations d'une ouvrage hydraulique au Vieil-Evreux (Eure) (in: Les Reseaux d'eau courante dans l'antiquite (2011) pag 93 - 107) - P.Bost (ed) L'eau: usages, risques et representations, Aquitania Supplement 21 (2012) pag 153-168) - M.Brackman vermeulen2008 : Measuring Urbanisation in the Late Republican and Early Imerial Landscape of Adriatic Central Italy (in: Bollettino di Archeologia on line, volume speciale: Roma 2008 - International Congress of Classical Archaeology pag 80 - 90) - F.siphon) -germain de montauzan1908 -burdy1991,2006 -talbert2000 -hodge1992p428 -FG1988p190 -wikander2000p50 -grenier1960p118 -chanson2000a,2001a -jeancolas1983,1986 Metz (Gorze) - DIVODURUM MEDIOMATRICORUM - METTIS -blanchet1908 -lalance1923 -grenier1960p199 -FG1988p76-burnand1983,1997 -leveau1991,1992 -hodge1992p135,p433n78 -fabre1992,2000 -lefebvre1997 -chanson2000a,2002d -fabre2000 -wikander2000p50 -bromwich2003 -heilig2006 Nimes/Pont du Gard - NEMAUSUS -stubinger1909 -grenier1960p88 -volkmann1963 -bailhache1983 -FG1988p207 -hauck1987,1988 -fiches1989 -smith1990 -hodge1992p97 -bromwich1993 -fabre1991,1992,2000a,200b -kessener1995,1986,2006,2017 -ellis1996 -grewe1998 -wikander2000p63 -wilson2000 -bossy2000 -chanson2002a,2002d -bessac2003 -ohlig2004 -paillet2005a -carbon2005 levret2005 -fonder2007 -kemper2009 Paris/Wissous/Arcueil - LUTETIA PARISIORUM -buchelius1585 -blanchet1908 -de pachtere1912 -desguine1948 -grenier1960p180 -duval1961 -FG1988p78 -fleury1971 -guillerme1983 -philippe2001 -bailhache1983 -wes1995 -nnparis1996 -bromwich2003 -kessener2017 (modern) Saintes (Aqueduc du Douhet) - MEDIOLANTUM SANTONUM (incl.For the sheets of an IWA-presentation, see the web1, for the text see the web2) delmar2012 : Water management, protection and conservation of aqueducts as cultural heritage...

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