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While it's impossible to know exactly what swayed Roberts to uphold the law, a source close to the Roberts family, who requested anonymity in order to discuss judicial deliberations, told The Huffington Post that the justice's wife, Jane, exercises a "heavy influence" over her husband.In Washington, "access is everything," noted journalist and Georgetown hostess Sally Quinn in an interview with Huff Post."If you want to reach somebody in Washington, the best way to reach them is through their wives." John and Jane Roberts declined to be interviewed for this story.But Jane's colleagues and friends shared observations about their relationship and what makes them such an unusual couple among the Supreme Court justices.

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He was the recipient of an honorary doctorate in fine arts.Stubblefield retired from the Monday shows in 2011 due to health issues, leaving the band in the hands of his nephew Brett Stubblefield.In 2014 Stubblefield was named the second best drummer of all time by LA Weekly.According to the LA Weekly, "Stubblefield is one of the most sampled drummers in history, the man whose uncanny ability to deconstruct pop music's simple 4/4 rhythms into a thousand different sly syncopations laid the foundation not only for funk, but for most of hip-hop, as well." According to National Public Radio, "the grooves the two drummers (Stubblefield and Starks) created have inspired generations of artists — not just in funk, but in hip-hop, where their steady but intricate patterns make natural material for sampling." Pop icon Prince, who considered Stubblefield a drumming idol, was a major financial supporter and had paid for about ,000 of the drummer's health care costs, it was disclosed in 2016, since Stubblefield had no health insurance. I just put patterns against natural sounds, and that's what I do today.In a 1991 interview with Isthmus, Stubblefield said: "What influenced me mainly was sounds. I could be walking down the street in time and put a drum pattern against it while I'm walking (...) That's the same thing I'm doing now when I sit down behind the drums.

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