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Now I am absolutely certain that this church is just another legalistic institution that promotes holding others to the standards of the law. But How can I leave people who will be hurt by my leaving?

And I thought I could still do it again with my new baptist fellowship. But like you I cannot help but notice some things That I absolutely need in a church, are missing.

they believe Soulwinning (via door knocking) trumps Soulwinning (via serving others) So I’m in this Church. My wife and daughter don’t go with me, but are not against me going there.

So what keeps me going to this place that I know is in some ways hindering my walk with Christ? I have become great friends with some of the people in the church.

After less than two months, my husband and I met this people and they invited us to join their fellowship.

They are very nice people so I thought that was the answer to my prayer. However, does this screaming, raving, and ranting reflect the works of the flesh or the fruits of the Spirit? Anderson feel like they are being righteous by screaming in anger, but it is really self-centered, sinful pride under the appearance of righteousness at the core.

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