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Then later newer versions will come out and you'll go through similar motions to get them updated.In such scenario, both Nu Get and OW will make it easy to bring in those references, but the key difference is that Nu Get does it in a way that is completely non-invasive. it will get the binaries onto your machine and references them in the same way as if you had done it manually.Say for instance that you're trying to use a Foo library, which depends on a Bar library.Today, you'd have to manually find those libraries, copy them to your machine and add references to them.

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deploy new images or html files) seams like i need to use the following method instead: this goes through all my files in the package and seams to replace them.This is useful when, for example, you've updated the target framework of your project, e.g. With that, here are the common use cases for the Update-Package command: Phew, that’s a lot of different combinations; but they are quite intuitive and easy to remember. To keep the list small, I left out the -Ignore Dependencies and -Include Prelease parameters but you can add either (or both) of them to any of the example above (except that you can’t use -Version and -Reinstall together, remember? After a lot of time googling and code inspect and re-engineering code, it looks like the problem is in the Microsoft. Core (≥ 1.6.2 && string web Repository Directory = Web Project Manager.Get Web Repository Directory(site Root); IPackage Repository source Repository = Package Repository Factory. Create Repository(remote Source); IPackage Path Resolver path Resolver = new Default Package Path Resolver(web Repository Directory); IPackage Repository local Repository = Package Repository Factory. Create Repository(web Repository Directory); IProject System project = new Web Project System(site Root); this._project Manager = new Project Manager(source Repository, path Resolver, project, local Repository); The Update Package methods also dosent seam to do the job, only updates references or something.

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