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What makes Stephen and Robbie, who are also both from Canada, so lovable is that they seem like two genuine men, who love their fans and their work.

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He hasn’t said much since regarding the wedding, as he says he “got in trouble for giving the date once in an interview.” But he has said that he intention is to make his wedding to Ricci “the best day of her life.” One way he’s going to help with that is by enlisting his cousin, Arrow himself Stephen Amell.

He even said that he had forgotten a conversation they had at the bar during that time, and that it wasn’t until Beta House that they grew closer, and “he convinced her to move to LA to act.” Not only did he meet Ricci during Cheaper By the Dozen 2, but according to The Star, he also met “two actors destined for his wedding party.” These were far from the only times Amell and Ricci have gone on to appear in the same project.

As their filmographies suggest, whenever one has been a major player in a film or TV show, the other has made an appearance eventually.

They also described them as having been “inseparable ever since.” Of course, stories vary from person to person.

Amell has said they actually met while he was working on Cheaper By the Dozen 2.

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