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He received his Ph D in Electrical Engineering (signal and image processing machine learning) from the University of Washington and BS/MS degrees from Brigham Young University.Research interests include adversarial machine learning, deep learning, large-scale malware classification, active learning, and early time-series classification.Be it a wire transfer, an ATM withdrawal, or a flight booking, you can be sure that you've used the trusted services of a Mainframe at least once during the last 24 hours.In this talk, I will present methods of privilege escalation on IBM z/OS: How to leverage a simple access to achieve total control over the machine and impersonate other users.Hyrum Anderson Hyrum Anderson is technical director of data scientist at Endgame, where he leads research on detecting adversaries and their tools using machine learning.Prior to joining Endgame he conducted information security and situational awareness research as a researcher at Fire Eye, Mandiant, Sandia National Laboratories and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

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0ctane 0ctane is a longtime hobbyist hacker, with experience primarily in UNIX systems and hardware.Will Hurd (1, 2) I Invisigoth J Jason Jones Matt 'openfly' Joyce K K2 Mr.Sean Kanuck (1, 2) Konstantinos Karagiannis Garry Kasparov Matt Knight William Knowles Artem Kondratenko Itzik Kotler Amit Klein L Logan Lamb Rep.He got interested in Mainframe security in 2014 when, during an audit, he noticed the big security gap between this platform and standard systems like Windows and Unix.A gap that makes little sense since z/OS has been around for a while and is used by most major companies to perform critical business operations: wire transfer, claim refunds, bookings, etc.

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