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Iwan Jenkins, chief Crown prosecutor for CPS Dyfed Powys, said: “This has been a unique case with a unique set of circumstances.“Following expert evidence from a psychiatrist it was suggested that no useful purpose would be served by Mr Thomas being detained and treated in a psychiatric hospital, which would be the consequence of a special verdict in this case.

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Non sono stati resi noti i dettagli del delitto per timore di emulazione del crimine.The jury at Swansea Crown Court was played a recording of his 999 call and heard that he had been “suicidal” since her death.Both defence and prosecution had accepted at the start of the trial that Mr Thomas was not in control of his actions at the time of the killing.Il cliente che deve aver cambiato idea è difeso dall’avvocato Ghedina, mentre la parte offesa ha deciso di non costituirsi parte civile.Non è interessato ad avere un eventuale risarcimento, bensì a chiudere una vicenda, dalla quale si ritiene comunque danneggiato.

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