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If your bank cashes your post-dated check early because you didn't tell it ahead of time that such a check existed, you could find yourself saddled with bounced-check fees, late payment charges and overdraft fees, all of which can add up to a big chunk of change.In some cases, you'll have no choice but to pay the fees.

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If a bank will not cash your stale-dated check because the company has gone out of business or the account no longer exists, contact your State and inquire about unclaimed property.If you have a check more than six months old and a bank won't cash it, you're not necessarily out of luck.Many states have unclaimed property laws that require individuals and business to hand over assets to the state if the payee hasn't claimed them.Problems crop up when the person holding the check jumps the gun and takes it to his bank anyway.Banks aren't obligated to wait until the date on the check to cash it.

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