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up to undenwritten by Lloyds of London page 22 Exclusive: Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa This week, The Portugal News speaks to Chief Inspector Oiegario Sousa, the officiai spokesman for the Poiicia Judiciaria in the case of missing Madeieine Mc Cann. Elle is thrilled when Paul regains consciousness after his operation - but her joy turns to horror when she realises he has lost his memory. With the help of his motorbiking companion Dan Penteado and the use of hidden cameras, he confronts the con- men and demands justice. Nikki identi- fies the detention centre victim but realises that by doing so she may have put his daughter in danger with his enemies. But it’s not just a display of culinary skill that will be on the menu. (See Page 2) Newborn found dead on beach A newborn baby giri was found dead this week by iocais on the popuiar Oihos d’Agua beach, Aibufeira, poiice have said. Carmella gives Oliver an ultimatum over their relationship, while Pepper is shocked by a revelation from her counsellor. The establishment also needs someone who can run the front of house, demonstrate their ability to keep cool under pressure and ensure customer satisfaction is delivered time after time. I don’t think we will be looking at tak- ing legal action once the case is over”. And the leaks from “sources close to the investigation” which appear aimost daiiy? But it is difficult to establish who these Teaks’ are or where they are coming from. I believe sometimes things are said at an informal lunch after which a friend tells a friend who knows a journalist. He nowre- eeives between 20 and 30 phone ealls a day from journalists, but this often exeeeds 1 00, espeeially whenever “new leads” are pub- lished in the press. 4.40 Teen Wolf PG (1985) [ Sky Movies Action | 6.15 Volcano: Fire on the Mountain PG (1997) 8.00 The Haunting of Helen Walker 15 (1995) 9.45 Shadow Conspiracy 15 (1997) 1 1.40 XXX2: The Next Level 12 (2005) With Ice Cube. 7.30 Soccer Special 10.00 Revista De La Liga 11.00 A-League 11.30 Foot Brazil 12.00 Carling Cup Football 1.30 Revista De La Liga 2.30 A-League 3.00 Foot Brazil 3.30 The Dogs 4.00 Close I Sky Sports 2 | 6.00 Aerobics Oz Style 6.30 Ocean 7.00 Aerobics Oz Style 7.30 Ocean 8.00 International Cricket 9.30 World Motor Sport 12.00 British Superbikes 3.00 Speedway 5.00 European Seniors Tour Golf 6.00 Foot Brazil 6.30 Revista De La Liga 7.30 Live Carling Cup Football. Before being brought into the ease, his main foeus of work was crimes relat- ing to works of art, armed robber- ies and car-jackings. 8.00 Fun with Dick and Jane 12 (2005) With Jim Carrey. 1.35 Dragon Dynasty 12 (2006) With Federico Castelluccio. 5.15 Shadow Conspiracy 15 (1997) With Charlie Sheen. 9.00 Dragon Dynasty 12 (2006) With Federico Castelluccio. 12.30 Sexual Indiscretion 18 (2005) With Christy Patrick. 4.35 Volcano: Fire on the Mountain PG (1997) 6.00 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 7.00 WWE: Afterburn 8.00 Big League Weekend 9.30 Speedway 11.30 International Cricket 1.00 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 2.00 Big League Weekend 3.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 4.30 Live Cricket. Bristol Rovers V West Ham United (Kick-off 7.45pm).

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(See Page 4) “Summer temps normal” The Portuguese Met Office has expiained this week that the temperatures recorded this August are within estabiished averages, despite opnions to the contrary. Among those taking part in the challenge are a prison caterer and his fianc Ee, a couple who run a market food stall, a pair of children’s entertainers, and a jazz drummer and his actress/waitress wife. (R) (T) 6.20 The Story Makers; (R) (T) Tweenies Songtime. They also serve as a bridge, whenever we need information from Britain, as we cannot investigate cases in the UK and they cannot investigate here.” Mr Sousa also said that red tape was put aside through, “in- formal contacts”, allowing “One of our detectives to go over to Britain and conduct investiga- tions. We speak the same language, which is: We all want to solve this case. I have no criticism whatsoever of the UK police.” Concerning the British media, he says: “We mightnot like what the UK press says of us, but it doesn’t affect our work. “If we said there were 100 (de- tectives) we will be criticised for using too many, if we say 1 0, we will be criticised for using too few. We deploy the amount of police resources we believe nec- essary at any given time of an in- vestigation.” But he admitted “There have been times during the investiga- tion when hundreds of people have been used”, adding: “We also have other cases to work on. If needed, we will take 1 0 men from here or 20 men from there.” How closely have British poiice been working on this case?

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