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The first sign that things weren't going well was when Pilar was arrested for domestic abuse when she allegedly attacked Deion.

She's tired of being painted as the bad guy so she recently sat down to an interview that went a little like this: Tags: abuse, actress, arrested, baseball, career, cause, child, deion sanders, fitness, football, happy, health, interview, kids, model, mother, people, pilar sanders, quote, wife A judge had ordered that Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders must stay at least 100 yards away from each other while a gag order was in place.

4.) Deion's application for A Protective Order against Pilar For Family Violence in the Family Court was DENIED.

Both Deion and Pilar Sanders have been told to stay 100 yards from each other making Deion’s assault charges against Pilar groundless.

New reports are suggesting that she actually has a new man in her life, and reports have suggested it’s Birdman of Cash Money Records.

Apparently, things have gotten pretty serious for the couple, and although the romance has been pretty low-key, Birdman is said to have been very supportive to Pilar during her drama with Deion.

According to Boswell, Deion actually attacked Pilar with a trophy and caused multiple injuries. Check out the video (above) for the interview with Dee Boswell.

AND, she said that she even recorded the whole thing with her cellphone…but Deion deleted it. Tags: assault, deion sanders, divorce, fight, football, jail, legal, nil, pilar, pilar sanders, player, wife As we previously mentioned, Pilar Sanders' sister recently fired back in her defense over the fight that took place between Pilar and Deion Sanders.

Here’s the scoop: Our source also tells Rumor Fix that the New Orleans native is very generous with his wealth when it comes to Pilar, providing her with everything she needs, wants, and desires.

He feels that it's not fair and claims that it's six times more than Texas law requires.

Buuuuut, Pilar claims that Deion is worth about 0 million!! If that's true, to put it in perspective, that'd be like Tags: cell phone, child, child support, court, daughter, deion sanders, estranged wife, family, judge, kids, pilar sanders, ridiculous, ruling, sad, ten thousand Pilar Sanders, soon to be ex-wife of football great, Deion Sanders, said their divorce is full of abuse and lies and part-time parenting.

According to Edmonds, Pilar was in the courthouse parking lot, she just never went inside.

Pilar’s attorney Luke Gunnstaks confirmed that his client was in the parking lot on Friday and that she was being harassed Edmonds.

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