Penyunting online dating

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Teens are much more likely to connect with each other through some form of social media, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram or matchmaking apps such as Tinder and Hot Or Not.

It’s no surprise to learn that 81 percent of teens use social media, according to data from The Pew Research Center.

The weight of the developing baby in the womb puts stress on your back.

food cravings Many women have cravings for odd foods when they are pregnant.

Trying for a baby can be very stressful indeed - and also tiring - so even if your period is a couple of weeks overdue it isn't a guarantee of pregnancy.

morning sickness After a missed period, morning sickness is the next most obvious sign most women have that they are pregnant.

You may find yourself craving something that you do not normally like, such as pickles.

Those that do experience it usually begin feeling nauseous within 2 weeks to 2 months of conception.You may notice these changes in your breasts as early as the first month of pregnancy.tiredness During the first few months of pregnancy you may feel tired and extremely sleepy.You feel tired because the baby is growing rapidly inside you and your body has to adjust to this.weight gain As the baby grows, so will you.However, many women do not have regular menstrual cycles, and even those women whose cycles are generally regular can have late or missed periods, without being pregnant.Stress, tiredness and stopping the oral contraceptive pill can disrupt the menstrual cycle.

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