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Jim and Michael's management styles clash, especially after David's budget will only allow a small or no raise this year.

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Kate Flannery portrays Meredith Palmer, the promiscuous Supplier Relations Representative, writer-actress Mindy Kaling portrays Kelly Kapoor, the pop-culture obsessed Customer Service Representative, writer-actor Paul Lieberstein portrays Toby Flenderson, the sad-eyed Human Resources Representative, Ellie Kemper portrays Erin Hannon, the receptionist and new love interest of Andy.This season featured 26 episodes directed by 20 directors.Paul Lieberstein, Randall Einhorn and Seth Gordon each directed several episodes during the season. Novak, John Krasinski, Steve Carell, Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson all directed episodes as well.The viewership was an 18 percent drop compared to the fifth-season premiere, "Weight Loss". viewers (million)" refers to the number of Americans who viewed the episode on the night of broadcast.Cindy White of IGN gave the season a 7.5 saying it was "Good" and "We did get some funny moments and some good episodes in Season 6, but as a whole it just doesn't compare to the strength of seasons past." This season received four Emmy nominations at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards—Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Steve Carell), Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (Greg Daniels and Mindy Kaling for "Niagara") and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation. Episodes are listed by the order in which they aired, and may not necessarily correspond to their production codes.

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