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This part of the study revealed that as the exchange went on, the more the sender tended to use the function words that the receiver was using.

Function words are words that contribute to the syntax, or structure, rather the meaning of a sentence – for example an, am, to.

Indeed, human accuracy when it comes to spotting a lie is just 54%, hardly better than chance.

Our digital lie detector, meanwhile, is 70% accurate.

Accountants, tax advisers, and forensic specialists can investigate financial statements and tax claims and find deceptive smoking guns through our algorithm.

Humans are startlingly bad at consciously detecting deception.

In our new research, we used linguistic cues to compare tens of thousands of emails pre-identified as lies with those known to be truthful.Consumer watchdogs can use this technology to assign a “possibly lying” score to advertisements of a dubious nature.Security companies and national border forces can use the algorithm to assess documents, such as visa applications and landing cards, to better monitor compliance with access and entry rules and regulations.And from this comparison, we developed a text analytic algorithm that can detect deception. Keyword searches can be a reasonable approach when dealing with large amounts of digital data.So, we first uncovered differences in word usage between the two document sets.

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