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Many companies provide a toll—free number or address for their customer service department on the product packaging, warranty, or receipt.

If this is not the case: If the first person you speak to can’t help, ask for a supervisor.

(Photo: Kilab Multimedia Facebook page) When the poor people of Kidapawan begged and pleaded for simple sustenance as half a bowl of rice and a sip of water to see them through the gnawing hunger and desolation that continues to victimize them amidst radiant productivity ballyhooed to have grown exponentially under Benigno Aquino III, then where does the police, marshaled and mandated to protect the weak, find reason to silence them, murdering and brutalizing wantonly with state-sponsored violence?

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov/complaint.

The FTC does not resolve individual complaints, but your complaint helps law enforcement detect patterns of wrong-doing and may lead to an investigation.

Many consumers and businesses use dispute resolution programs — mediation and arbitration — as an alternative to going to court.

Some businesses require consumers to arbitrate their disputes and waive their right to go to court.

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