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Because you’re awesome and interesting and complex.

If you’re getting the vibes that he finds you a snoozefest, let him go and get with someone who’d rather be with you than anywhere else.

Your boyfriend should be really into making you feel good (not just into cumming after three minutes of pumping).

Knowing the signs that your girlfriend is getting bored with you can make all the difference in the world between keeping your relationship going and a painful breakup.





It's no secret that a lot of them need just a sex partner for one night, and actually no one can blame them for that.When you’ve got a girlfriend you really dig you might be afraid that she’s getting bored with you.And honestly, you wouldn’t be the first guy that’s happened to.If you’re similar ages, you can discuss your feelings about Full House or The Wonder Years or the frighteningly robust POG collection languishing in your parents’ basement.I’m always poking around to see what people are reading.

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