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The New York Times weddings section is renowned for its obsession with status, providing a window into what the world’s most self-important people deem to be important.

Sex and the City references the section repeatedly, and many publications have taken to scrutinizing couples’ credentials over the years.

I extracted this "how they met" data from 702 announcements since August 2015 and assigned each announcement to a high-level category.

But that might be an artifact of the legal process: When New York state recognized same-sex marriage in 2011, there was likely a backlog of older couples who would have been married years earlier had it been been allowed, and these older couples would cause the median age to skew higher shortly after the official recognition.

The special Vows articles are an exception: They are longer and don’t follow the standard announcement structure, so Wedding Crunchers specifically excludes Vows articles from n-gram results.

As of May 2016 there are 63,000 wedding announcements in the Wedding Crunchers database.

New York is widely known as the financial capital of the United States, if not the world, and it shouldn’t be surprising that a lot of married folks work in the financial industry.

In more recent years, the city has grown its presence in the technology sector as well, embodied by Google pulling even with Goldman Sachs in NYT wedding announcement mentions: There are, of course, of more scientific ways to compare NYC’s tech and financial industries beyond cherry-picking wedding announcement mentions for two particular companies.

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