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Saudia Arabia is one of the world's most oppressive states for women, and only last month lifted a ban on female drivers.

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After hearing her appearance, the Arabic hashtag #Sophia_calls_for_dropping_guardianship began trending.

Read the rest Senator Joe Manchin [D-WV, @Sen_Joe Manchin, 1 304-342-5855] is a right-wing Democrat Senator whose inglorious career includes breaking with his party to endorse President Trump's deal to sell record quantities of weapons to the Saudis.

government's ban on laptops and other large electronic devices in the cabins of flights from Saudi Arabia to the United States has been lifted, Saudi Arabian Airlines confirmed today.

The Saudi guardianship system means every woman must have a male companion with her in public at all times.

This is usually a family member, who also has authority to act on her behalf.'Sophia has no guardian, doesn't wear an abaya or cover up - how come? Sophia is a humanoid robot designed by Hong Kong firm, Hanson Robotics, who has previously hit the headlines for addressing the UN.

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