New europen dating

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Systematic use of the 24-hour clock by German radio and TV announcers, along with the proliferation of digital clocks, may have been a significant factor in this development.

In German-speaking Switzerland, only the 12-hour clock is used in everyday speech.

Better understanding and use of date marking on food, i.e."use by" and "best before" dates, can prevent and reduce food waste in the EU.It is estimated that a considerable share of household food waste (15-33%, depending on the studies) could be linked to date marking due, amongst others, to consumer misunderstanding of the meaning of these dates.The traditional all-numeric form of writing Gregorian dates in German is the little-endian day.order, using a dot on the line (period or full stop) as the separator (e.g., “” or “15.4.74”).Years could be written with two or four digits; the century was sometimes seen being replaced by an apostrophe: “31.12.’91”; however, two-digit years are generally deprecated after the Millennium.

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